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If you’re looking for an alternative to all of those highly processed and engineered protein bars on the market, then you have come to the right place. We are highly selective in choosing the finest quality of natural ingredients that avoid all of the bad stuff like artificial preservatives, genetically modified ingredients (GMOs), hydrogenated fats, synthetic sweeteners, sulphites, etc. You no longer have to sacrifice nutrition for convenience. Furthermore, our bars are 100% wheat free, diabetic friendly, and heart healthy.

We are an independent, locally owned company based in London, Ontario specializing in a unique line of all natural whole food energy bars that aim to enliven, nourish and power the body. We believe that what you eat has significant effects on how you feel and perform throughout the day.


Our passion to bring convenience, function, nutrition and delicious taste together inspires us to create great tasting, nourishing and sustaining whole food energy bars. By carefully selecting only high quality, nutrient-dense ingredients, we aim to promote healthy eating and to improve one’s quality of life. We build our business and culture with the same discernment, intention, and integrity we use to create our products.

This is how we roll…


Love – Treat others well by doing only what serves them well. Embrace our customers, retail partners, peers and the community with the same love.

Integrity – Be honest and upfront.

Intentionality – Be mindful and thoughtful. Everything we do has a purpose.

Respect – Honour one another. Be attentive and respectful to each other’s needs.

Excellence – Work hard to bring consistency and quality to our products. Strive hard to provide the best in customer service.

Teamwork – Understand the ultimate goal and then support and help each other to achieve that goal.

Humility – Think less of yourselves and more of the needs of others.

Accountability – Establish appropriate protocols to be transparent and accountable.

Engage – Engage with the local community at vendor markets and by participating in and/or supporting special events.

Judy Gremaud, Founder

Judy is the founder and creator of Kosuma Foods. Raised in Vancouver, health and wellness have always played an important role in Judy’s life. She and her husband and daughter have been London, Ontario residents for over ten years now. Together, they play a very active role in the community, and have made themselves at home as Londoners.

Judy’s interest in nutrition further developed when she and her family were forced to overcome obstacles related to food allergies and intolerances. This led to experimenting with new foods in the kitchen to replace the long list of familiar, yet forbidden options. As a busy mom constantly on the go, Judy strived to provide her family with nutritious foods to meet the many dietary restraints they were being faced with. She sought after a nutrient dense product that not only provided proper nourishment while meeting all of her family’s dietary needs, but also offered convenience and portability to support their hectic lifestyle. She soon discovered that such a product was nonexistent. While the obvious solution was to turn towards energy bars, many of the products out there were laden in all of the bad stuff she was trying to avoid, and lacked the satisfying taste of “real food”. Since there was nothing on the market that met her needs, Judy took matters into her own hands and created whole food energy bars in her household kitchen. The bars were so delicious that they became an instant hit among friends and family who urged her to pursue her creation.

In May 2012, Judy launched Kosuma Foods out of the Western Fair Farmers’ and Artisans’ Market in London, Ontario. Judy is passionate about what she does and pours her whole heart and soul into creating a product that not only tastes delicious, but has the ability to impact the lives of others.

“I chose the name kosuma (kuh soo muh) because it means to thrive or to grow strong and healthy. I chose nuts and seeds to make the bars crunchy; I chose nut butters and fruits to make them chewy; I chose every ingredient carefully because I wanted taste, nutrition and energy. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.” -Judy Gremaud, Founder and Creator

Ephie Smith, Co-Owner

Ephie grew up in Northern Ontario where her parents owned and operated a Greek restaurant. Spending her childhood summers at her grandparents’ home in Greece and helping with her family’s restaurant from a young age, she developed a passion for food very early on. Her natural creative abilities and deep rooted knowledge of everything food-related have sculpted her into a culinary master mind. Having spent significant amounts of time in Europe, Australia, and all over Ontario, Ephie is able to reinvent traditional dishes with a modern flair, and combine different cultural ingredients and techniques. Ephie has lived in London, Ontario for over fifteen years with her husband and two sons. In her free time, she can be found cheering on her boys at their sporting events, and spending time with her friends and family.

Meghan Bonk, Co-Owner

Meghan attended the University of Guelph where she studied Applied Human Nutrition. Upon graduating, she took some time off to explore the world. She was introduced to many new cuisines throughout her travels, but was particularly inspired by how good she felt after consuming fresh whole foods in Southeast Asia. As a result, she developed a keen interest in Holistic Nutrition. Meghan eventually returned to her hometown of London, Ontario and began working for Kosuma Foods – a business she is passionate about and believes in. She is also currently expanding her knowledge as a student at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Her educational background, cultural experiences, and overall love for food bring a dynamic perspective to Kosuma.

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