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Jennifer Boxterman

Jennifer Broxterman is a Registered Dietitian & Sports Nutritionist, and is the founder and CEO of NutritionRx in London, Ontario. As an empowered female entrepreneur, her nutrition consulting company strives to promote healthy eating habits by adopting a “non-dieting” philosophy that helps people become more intuitive eaters. As a nutrition coach, she specializes in counselling clients on weight loss, sports nutrition, recovery from disordered eating, and food intolerances, always trying to promote whole food choices and long-term habits that support a positive relationship with food. On top of running NutritionRx as a dietitian, Jennifer also teaches at The University of Western Ontario as an instructor for the Department of Foods & Nutritional Sciences.

Jennifer has always been a fitness enthusiast, and is a former varsity athlete in rowing and ice hockey. She currently stays in shape through cross-training and lifting weights at CrossFit London, and has competed at national-level CrossFit competitions numerous times. Staying properly fueled through good food choices is a top priority, and Jennifer has been a huge fan of the nutritional profile and convenience factor of Kosuma bars since they came out (her favourite flavours are peanut butter and cranberry chocolate by the way). If you would like to get in touch to work with Jennifer, please email her at info@nutritionrx.ca, and visit www.nutritionrx.ca for more information about her nutrition packages and services.

 ~ Jen

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